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Sometimes people fall on hard times and they have nowhere left to go. According to the publication “Estimating the Need,” (PIT Report), it is projected that over the course of this year, 25,612 adults and children will be experiencing homelessness in the State of New Jersey. Many of these people turn to homeless shelters to find a place to live temporarily. To date, the availability of beds, or even floor space, in New Jersey’s homeless shelters falls short of the need by more than 20%. By this equation, more than 5,000 men, women and children will not have a place to sleep on any given night in New Jersey.

Tommys House will be breaking ground on building a new temporary housing facility from an existing structure in Passaic County. The facility will offer temporary emergency housing for homeless men and women in Passaic and neighboring Bergen Counties. With the opening of this much needed shelter, Tommys House will provide to those who are in need, a warm bed, and access to a hearty meal, clean showers, clothing and a safe environment where they can rest their heads for the night.

Tommys House will also assist with referral services, to help set up treatment and/or follow up care. We have access to both state funded and private institutions in the mental health, substance abuse, and medical fields. Along with referral to treatment facilities we also help with referring to housing, social services, food services, and the basic necessities for short-term stabilization back into society. Here at Tommy’s House we are the helping hand to pick up those who need help, back onto their feet.

At Tommys House, we value each and every person as a fellow human, and will empower the homeless to build a positive future by providing the resources and assistance critical to growth and stability in society.

The name of each donor will be included on a Wall of Thanks in the Building. It is important for the homeless community to see how many people have given in support of them. This is a critical step in their progress toward self-sufficiency, and to feeling a connection to the community they live in.

Tommys House…

Because everyone deserves a place to rest their head.

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