“Everyone deserves a place to lay their head at night. That’s why Tommy’s House was started.”

– James D’Amico

our story

Tommy’s House was founded in 2013 by James D’Amico in an effort to help provide temporary housing for homeless citizens and veterans around the Tri-State area. The Northeast is one of the areas hit hardest by the current epidemic of addiction, which has led to an increase in homelessness throughout New Jersey and New York.

Our mission at Tommy’s House is to provide housing, both temporary and permanent, for those who are left without a place to sleep at night. We know that having a place to rest your head at night can be a catalyst to encourage someone to begin to help themselves solve the issues that led to their current situation.

The goal of Tommy’s House is to be able to provide permanent housing options for those homeless citizens who have served our country in the armed forces. Many Veterans suffer from substance abuse, PTSD and other mental illnesses that can lead to homelessness. Help us make a difference by donating today.

Tommy’s House Gave Me a Chance

“Thanks to Tommy’s House I was able to have temporary housing that gave me the chance to get myself a job and get my life together.”

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